Adult squirrel noms acorn and peanut

Why Evolution Is True

My squirrel tending proceeds apace, involving repeated purchases of nuts and seeds (bird-feeding has somehow become included). While the three juveniles continue to feed, there are one or two adults who join them (and drive the juveniles away when they appear).

Here’s one adult making short work of an acorn; I think this rodent is a male. Notice that he abandons the acorn at about 2:25, picks up a peanut to take away, and, before he leaves, has a sip of water and puts the peanut into the water to keep it away from thieves.

Note too the gnawing marks on the windowsill: the shiny silver rubbings that appear at about 1:20. I now learn that squirrel teeth grow about six inches a year, and I’m supposed to provide them with something to gnaw on—like sterilized deer antlers! Have you ever tried to find sterilized deer antlers on the…

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