Friday squirrel report

Why Evolution Is True

I have discovered that the last litter of squirrels includes three offspring, whose genders remain indeterminate. But they’re all feeding voraciously: I can hardly put out enough seeds to keep them from eating more. And they’ve learned how to open the seeds more quickly, as well as to appreciate peanuts and corn (which they previously eschewed).

They also interact in strange ways when they’re together. This video, taken yesterday, shows both nomming and interacting. I can’t figure out whether they’re playing, being affectionate, or even feeling the first stirrings of amour.

This one is now fond of both acorns and dried corn (they eat only the inside of the corn).


It’s especially cute when they drink from their bowl, almost like little cats:


Another catlike behavior they’re evincing is getting my attention by running up and down the screen in my office, which makes a horrible racket.  Two of them…

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