This week brings warmer Spring temperatures at long last! An average of 13-14 C degrees, and real feel between 4-6 C degrees being the wind chill, and the wind is blowing in from . So our winter high energy feeder mix and winter high protein treats are still out and probably for the new few weeks accordingly. “Woody’s” Coconut Treat is still being enjoyed, also by Long-Tail Tits, Coal Tits, Blue Tits, Great Tits. The way it seems to go is “Woody” makes his mark and knocks a 4 cm hole into the soft suet with millet and then the Long-Tails fly in and gather in their pairs and sometimes four at once. Talk about dancing round a handbag, or bees round a honey pot!! They Love it!!!!  

Today we have strong winds and rain with some bouts of sun shining through in between the dark cloud which are moving fast today. Was able to take some photos today of some of the beautiful big buds of our local beech trees running alongside our block of flats which have fattened up and the top buds look as if they will open very soon. 

Beautiful Budding are open very soon Beech Trees 1   Beautiful Plump Leaf Bud Beech Tree   Beautiful Beech Tree Buds plumb and nearly ready to open 2

It is also great to see that the empty coconut treat shell that I put down on the ground just within the boundaries of the rough ground and ivy to gather rain for the birds to bath and wash and drink as and when they need to. Which I have seen quarter filled with rain water over night and this morning, thank you Lord for all your beauty gifts of Sweet Mother Earth and Sister nature.

Coconut Water Ground Feeder Recycled Empty Coconut Treat Shell

Meanwhile…we haven’t seen much of Robins over the last few days, they probably nest sitting and gathering insects and bugs etc…Robin has come to pick up a few Meal worms which is good.

Well our fellow Big Garden Bird & Wildlife Watchers time for a cuppa and sit back and watch our local feathered friends in their daily ritual blessings and thank you Lord, Amen

Written By Lizzie & Joshua Christian. Copyright (c) 16/04/2013.


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