Wow, this morning we thought to ourselves that we hadn’t seen “Woody” our local Great Spotted Woodpecker, low and behold I looked up from my keyboard and there he was hanging upside down hammering his bill at his favourite Coconut Treat!! And here are the photos that he allowed us to take with my fiance’s tablet. We were able to take these 10 photos frame by frame. Enjoy!!

Woody 1   Woody 2   Woody 3

Woody 4   Woody 5   Woody 7

Woody 7   Woody 8

Not long after “Woody” filled his boots with Coconut Fat Treat. He flew off to his favourite dead tree stump knocking the bark for bugs and beetles. We later were amazed as we looked up to see Mrs “Woody” she graced us with her presence only fleetingly but what a moment, we checked our RSPB Handbook of British Bird and there she was about 1/4 the size smaller than “Woody” himself. She has no red patch on her the back of her head. She has black and white marking very similar to (Male) “Woody” and has as much bright crimson Red under her tail.

You can Identify a Great Spotted Woodpecker

22-23 cm. Similar size to  Blackbird. A medium-sized black – and – white woodpecker with dirty-white underparts and crimson feathers under its short stiff tail. On its shoulders it has two large white patches with small white spots on the folded wings. The


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