This week we have seen many species return and our wildlife has come to life after the cold winter even though we seem to be experiencing the coldest March for some years with the sub-zero temps and wind-chills staying at a constant -3 to -11 most days and nights. The suet is going well and the Coconut Treats with Cereal and Buggy Bits n Mealworms are going fast still.

*I was indeed saddened this week to read the news that in Ireland there have thousands of new born Lambs been killed and buried in several feet of snow which killed them straight away their poor little bodies would not have stood to the cold and freezing conditions, God Bless…as this will be the case for all wildlife and their newborn, more commonly in our gardens will be the baby birds/chicks, baby hedgehogs etc…if you find any abandoned wildlife weak and affected by the cold and freezing conditions. Please if you are able to wrap it up in your coat or jacket gently, take it home and place in a box with warm towels, give some milk either through a straw, a syringe  or on a saucer. Ring your nearest RSPCA/ RSPB/ Wildlife Rescue Centre.* You can look these up in your Yellow Pages or Google the internet!!!!!

Meanwhile…here on the ranch, colder nights are drawing in even though it is late afternoon and the sun is going down the Long-Tail Tits are having their supper on the Coconut and Robins are taking their Buggy Bits in their Treat Tray. As we are blessed with their “Even Song” here are some pics I took earlier of their new feeders and treats, bird feeders etc…Enjoy!!

Right Window Treat Tray and Hanging Coconut Treat with Buggy Bits Mealworm Suet Currants Sultanas Rasins   Coconut Treat started 27th March   Right Window Feeding Station visited by Log-Tail Tit on Coconut Treat midevening

Right Window Bird Feeding Station:

Treat Tray and Hanging Coconut Treat with Dried Mealworm Suet Currants Sultanas Rasins and Coconut Treat started 27th March. Long-Tail Tit on Coconut Treat mid-evening.

Left Window Bird Feeders Window Feeder & Fat Ball Feeder and Recycled Water Feeder   Left Window Bird Feeders Window Feeder and Fat Ball feeder and Water Feeder

 Left Window Bird Feeding Station:

Window Feeder: Feast feeder Supreme Premium Wild Bird Care: Wheat, Chopped Maze, Black Sunflowers, Naked Oats, White Dari, Red Dari, Safflower Seed, Red Millet, Yellow Millet, Other small seeds.

RSPB: Bugs & Bits Sprinkles: High Protein Dried Mealworms, Water Flies and River Shrimps.

3 x Fat Ball Feeder: RSPB: Good Quality Fat, Cereal and Seeds.

Recycled Bottle Water Feeder for drinking and washing.

Written By Lizzie & Joshua Christian. Copyrighted (C) 30/03/2013


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