06022013694    Hedgerow  & Woodland     Right Window: Water & Wld bird Food Feeders and Treat Tray


All we need is a Coconut Feeder in the Left window and Peanut bag to balance out both windows.

This morning we have been observing our feathered friends and how they have adjusted to their new feeders since we re-organized them all. As we received a delicious bag of suculent dried mealworms, flies and river shrimp which went straight into the ‘Treats Tray’ as you can see.

We observed at least 12 birds this morning Robins, Blue Tits, Great Tits. We had a visit from our normal pesky Wood Pigeon who was trying to eye up the feeders, he cannot get onto because he so fat and greedy and frightens the little birds who frequent our Window Feeders. Wow and we saw a Magpie who also graced us with his presence. We crumbled the rest of the 5 fat balls on the ground for Magpie and Wood Pigeon and fruit for Blackbirds, and Apple or two. We actually spotted one of our local Squirrel who had braved it over and through the fencing above and came down to investigate all the fruit and fat balls we put down for birds and wildlife. Am making a Mince, Mushroom & Onion pie later so will put some pastry bits to cook.

Today, I recycled an empty 2 Litre Cream Soda plastic bottle.


How To Make…A Recycled Water Feeder

1) Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle, up to where the label is, with a sharp pair of scissors.

2) Cut the top of the bottle at least 4 inches from the screw top.

3) Tuck the bottom end of the bottle into the top of bottle that has been inverted.

4) Tape the raw edges of the rim of the bottle-birdbath, take a pointed object and make four holes at least 1/2 from the sharp plastic rim and opposite directions. We used a short knitting needle but please take care as not to puncture your fingers.

5) Find two long strong laces and twine and thread one into the first two holes from the inside out and the same with the other two holes. 

6) Turn the bottle birdbath upside down and unscrew the cap and fill the the end with bird seed and tighten the cap as this will be the counter weight.

7) Once you have taped the edges and make equal holes (4) in all opposite  each other. Thread laces or twine through, even and knot.

8) Fill the top of the bottle birdbath with water as far as the laces or twine, then hang outside the window or a tree where ever your bird feeding area is. Hang next to the food as you can see above.

Written by Lizzie & Joshua Copyright (c) 2013


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